Using Manula for

My new product Manula will go live within a couple of weeks. We’re currently aiming to launch before the end of this month. Just a few weeks left!

A quick recap of what it is: Manula is a web-app for creating online manuals. It lets you create, maintain and publish your manuals online. On top of that, it comes with built-in statistics tools that help you track the usage of your manuals so that you can easily spot which topics need improving.

In an earlier blog post, I have already told the story of how I got into the business of creating a manual tool. In short: I looked for a tool like this for the manuals, couldn’t find one and decided to create it in-house.
Manula is basically version 2.0 of that in-house tool, rewritten from scratch.

So, knowing the history of the tool, who do you think is Manula’s first “customer”?
Yep, of course is the first user. We have been using Manula ourselves since September 2012, for actual real life manuals. We’ve been tweaking the look of the manuals since then and today I am confident enough to show you the first screen shots of a manual created with my new toy. Continue reading