Speaking at ESWC 2011: How to sell more stuff to your existing customers

I will be speaking at the ESWC 2011, held on November 19/20 in London.
This time my talk won’t be about A/B testing, traffic or conversion.
Instead, I will be speaking about something that has become more and important for Collectorz.com. And which IMO should just as important for any software company that has been around for a while:

How to sell more stuff to your existing customers


Attracting and converting new visitors is very important, we all know that. But don’t ignore your existing customers. There’s good money to be made selling more stuff to people who already purchased from you before.
This session will focus on cross- and up-selling to existing customers, using email campaigns, newsletters, auto-responders, Facebook, Twitter, etc…

See you in London!

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