Pick our brains at the ESWC

This weekend, November 24/25, the European Software Conference (ESWC) will be held in Munich, Germany.
As always, I will be speaking at the conference (and sponsoring too).
However, this time we’re going to try something different.

For this conference, I have not prepared a presentation. Instead, Sytske and I will do a “pick our brains” session, during which we will answer any question you may have about running a software business.
Sytske will answer questions related to Customer Support, Customer Communications and Human Resources. I will be available for technical and marketing related questions.

Our session is at 5:30 PM on Saturday.
I know, I know… around that time you would probably prefer to be hanging around in the hotel bar, with a couple of beers (I know I do). But if you’re at the ESWC, please attend our session, I promise it will be fun and worth your time.

Come prepared

If you have any questions about software development, software marketing or running a software business in general, this is your chance to get your answers.
Are you running into problems in your business and are wondering how others are solving issues like that? Sytske and I will talk openly about how we run Collectorz.com and how we deal with those problems.

I cannot guarantee our solutions will the best for *your* business, but I *can* promise you that we will have an opinion anyway, which may lead to interesting discussions.

Feel free to drop your topic ideas in the Comments section below and we’ll make sure we’ll have something to say about that 🙂

2 thoughts on “Pick our brains at the ESWC

  1. I have some questions. May be I am not the only one who want to know the answers 🙂

    How do you hire your staff? Where did you find your existing employees?

    Are all of them on a fixed income or you share the revenue in some way?

    Do you use freelancers’ services? Why?/Why not?
    Do you think that all your employees should work in the office?

    I hope you will shoot a video and then publish it 🙂

  2. I think this is great idea. Here are few questions.

    1. Do you have long term marketing strategy? For a year/two/or more?
    2. Do you use any other CPC platforms except AdWords? If so, are they any good for you?
    3. Except CPC, do you buy other ads? Like banners, static links, pay per impressions, pay per download, etc.
    4. Any good experience with paper media (PC magazines, covermounts, newspapers, TV?). How about ads in magazines?
    5. As far as I remember you recently signed up for affiliate program with CommisionJunction. Are you satisfied with the results?
    6. Is your business strictly online or do you sell your software offline as well? What’s the percentage of sales generated from offline sales vs. online?
    7. Do you collect any statistics about features usage inside your software?
    8. Did you tried to purchase a competitor’s business? Was it successful? And if so, how was negotiation going and are you satisfied with the results?
    9. What about ‘white label’ / OEM? Do you have partners selling your software under their names or supplying it with their hardware?

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