Meet the team – video

At, we’re experimenting with the use of video, for both promotional and instructional purposes. Our in-house video guy AJ has already created cool promo-vids for our 3 main products. For instance, check out the Movie Collector vids.

For yesterday’s newsletter, we decided to try something different: a “meet the team” video, showing a tour of the office and introducing all members of the team. Here it is:

Meet the team

The player will show in this paragraph

Our newsletter subscribers loved the video. Some feedback we found in our inbox this morning:
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Staying top of mind with a monthly newsletter

Sending a monthly newsletter to your customers …

Isn’t that a time-consuming hassle each month?
And what to write? Do I have enough news every month to fill a newsletter?
Do I have to hire someone to design a fancy html template first?
Won’t my customers start complaining if I spam them every few weeks? I am already hesitant to annoy them by email when I have a new version…
And why would I send a newsletter each month? Why not just email them when I have something new to sell …

Sounds familiar? Because that is how I looked at it. At least, up until two years ago.
But now, I changed my mind on all of the above concerns, except one…
Which one? Read on…
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