Using a Facebook page for software marketing

In March 2010, motivated by the Facebook session of Perry Marshall’s Maui seminar, I created a Facebook fan page for

I had no idea what to expect. But it appears that a large part of our audience (home users) are on Facebook.
Now, 10 months later, the page on Facebook has almost 12,000 fans and it has proven to be a great new way to communicate with our customers.

Here’s a quick post on the why and how of Facebook fan pages for software. Continue reading

“Software Marketing” group on Facebook

software-marketing-logoLast week I searched Facebook for any active groups about ISVs and software marketing in particular. And to my surprise, there don’t seem to be any.

(I did find the “MicroISV” group, but the last post there was in Oct 2008)

So I figured, why not start a “Software Marketing” group myself?

My idea is to have an easily accessible place to find (and post!) tips and useful links about marketing your software. And to discuss marketing ideas and problems with other developers and people from the industry.

Topics: Adwords, SEO, trial versions, Website Design, A/B testing, email marketing, shopping carts, social media, sales tracking, press releases, etc…

Are you on Facebook? Then just go here and click Join at the top to become a member:

Software Marketing group on Facebook

It would be great if you could also invite any ISV friends that you may have in your Facebook friends list.

Let’s help each other sell more software.