What I learned about email marketing… the hard way

I have written about email marketing many times before. It is an important tool for selling more software, both to prospects / trial users (using auto-responder email sequences) and to your existing customers (with newsletters and sales campaigns).

And today, I am going to write about it again.

Because in the past 3 weeks I learned a lot about email marketing. Sadly, I had to learn it the hard way.

So here’s my story and a summary of the things I learned. I know, it’s long, but if a large part of your business depends on sending emails, it may save your ass one day.
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The effects of a reminder email

Nice message in my inbox, from a reader of this blog:

Hey Alwin,

I wanna thank you for your tips on “How to sell more stuff to your existing customers“.
I followed your advice and, as you can see, got some spectacular results:

I really needed that “do not hesitate to send reminder emails”.
Without your graph and that beautiful second peak I would never have sent the reminder mail. Was nice to see that with another product, other campaign, the impact is similar.
Perhaps marketing is science after all 🙂

How to sell more stuff to your existing customers

If you have been selling software for a while, you have probably built a considerable customer database. But to what extend are you taking advantage of that important asset?

How can you sell more stuff to your existing customers?

But before we move on to the HOW, let me first give you 3 reasons WHY you should sell more to your existing customers and some ideas on WHAT you could sell to them.

(this is a reworked and updated version of my presentation at the European Software Conference in London, November 2011)
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Mobile app marketing problems

I love the mobile apps business. If done right, there’s a lot of money to be made here. At Collectorz.com, we’ve been selling apps since May 2009 and it’s a big part of our business now.

However, from a software marketing perspective, I keep running into 3 main problems of the current mobile apps biz (one of which is App Store specific):

  • No customer information (App Store specific)
  • No ways to do coupon or bundle discounts
  • Low pricing levels

Here’s the full story on all three, including my suggested workarounds:

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Upgrade week

Music Collector logoIt’s been over a month since I emailed all Music Collector 8.x users about our “Vee Nine” upgrade. So time to try and pull in some more upgrade sales. This time I am doing an “Upgrade week”, during which we have a reduced upgrade fee for the rest of the week (valid through Sunday May 9). We have done upgrade weeks before and the urgency of the nearby end-date really helps to generate a lot of upgrades. Continue reading

Meet the Collectorz.com team – video

At Collectorz.com, we’re experimenting with the use of video, for both promotional and instructional purposes. Our in-house video guy AJ has already created cool promo-vids for our 3 main products. For instance, check out the Movie Collector vids.

For yesterday’s Collectorz.com newsletter, we decided to try something different: a “meet the team” video, showing a tour of the Collectorz.com office and introducing all members of the Collectorz.com team. Here it is:

Meet the team

The player will show in this paragraph

Our newsletter subscribers loved the video. Some feedback we found in our inbox this morning:
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