First screens of the Manula topic editor and tracking features

Manula logoAlas, no Manula launch yet this week.
The app is completely ready for release, but sadly I am the bottleneck myself, as I’m completely swamped with CLZ releases at the moment.
Oh well, no hurries. Live next week?

But today I do have more screen shots for you, the first screens of the Manula app itself. Also, more details about all Manula’s features can now be found on the updated website.

The Manula editor

  • Use simple textile codes for formatting.
  • Easily upload, manage and insert images.
  • Manage multiple manual versions.
  • Share topics between manuals/versions.
  • Define variables for use in shared topics.
  • Localize topics in multiple languages.


Topic hits and keyword statistics

  • Automatic stats of manual & topic views.
  • “Was this useful?” voting for readers.
  • Allow readers to comment on topics.
  • Track all user searches to find keywords.
  • Score Topic Quality from user ratings.
  • Link your Analytics account for more stats.



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