Web-application Pros and Cons – ESWC 2009

Here’s the video of my second presentation at last weekend’s European Software Conference in Berlin. This presentation is about web-applications, about their advantages and disadvantages for both users and ISVs and about our first experiences with the Collectorz.com Connect online apps.

Download the slides in PDF format here.

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The Art of Ignoring – ESWC 2009

As promised, the slides and full text of my “The Art of Ignoring” presentation at the ESWC 2009 in Berlin. Download it in PDF format here.

(Sorry, no video of this ESWC presentation, but you can watch the SIC 2009 video of the same presentation here.)


This presentation is about time-management for ISVs, about deciding what to work on at any given time. But more importantly, what to ignore.

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