Is Twitter the ultimate way to stay top of mind?

Last week, I wrote about staying top of mind using a monthly newsletter. Reminding your customers of your existence each month helps to sell more software.
But what if you could remind them of your existence a few times a day? Wouldn’t that be great?

Well, maybe Twitter is the way to do just that. I am not sure yet, but I’m having a go anyway.

In last week’s newsletter, we invited our customers to “Follow us on Twitter”. Up till now, this has generated over 300 followers.

Nice… but now there’s the need to tweet…

And if writing content for a monthly newsletter was hard, how am I going to say something relevant, useful and interesting a few times a day?
Here’s some things I am trying:

  • Explain what everyone’s working on at the office.
  • Give little progress updates for current projects.
  • Teaser screenshots of new upcoming products and features.
  • Answers to today’s common questions.
  • Snippets of fresh testimonials, linking to the full text on our website.
  • Links to new reviews and blog posts about our software.
  • Highlight popular or especially interesting forum topics.
  • Point to new or rewritten FAQ entries.

I will let you know how it goes in a future blog post.
Or, just follow my Twitter adventures here:

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