Speaking at the SIC : The Art of Ignoring

I just received confirmation that I have been accepted as a speaker at the 2009 Software Industry Conference, in Boston (July 16-18).
The organizers were able to squeeze me in, even though I submitted my paper way too late (sent it in last week, deadline was February 28).

I will be speaking on Saturday afternoon (July 18), in a session about micro-ISV Issues.

Here’s what I will be talking about:

The Art of Ignoring

You’ve got your hands full, doing development and customer support.

But then the experts tell you that you should:
Do SEO, run Adwords, split test your site design, fight piracy, fix your trial edition, send newsletters, write press releases, tweet on Twitter, create mac apps, register your trademarks, publish articles, find affiliates, track your sales, do retail, localize your software, create mobile apps, move to web apps, optimize your shopping cart, etc, etc….

Where to start? What’s most important right now? What brings in the most profits, the fastest so you can keep moving forward?

The bad news: Everything on the list really is important.

The good news: Depending on the phase your ISV is in, only a few things are important right now.

In this presentation I will go over the different phases of an ISV. I will clearly outline each critical stage and what activities are most important – even essential – during each phase. This will give ISV’s practical, targeted focus points to ensure maximum productivity and profits.

More importantly, I will cover the essential skill of ignoring 80% of the above list, at any time.

For example, in the early stages, you can safely ignore localization and sales tracking.
Later on, ignoring feature requests may be the biggest time saver (and money maker!) ever.

I hope to see you in Boston!

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