Software upgrades through TrialPay – the results

trialpay-logo-160pxTwo weeks ago, I wrote about my email campaign offering software upgrades through TrialPay. That post was only one day after I sent out the campaign, so I could only include some preliminary results. However, two weeks have gone by now, so it’s time to look at the final results.

The Final Results

TrialPay Upgrade Transactions: 230
$14.95 Upgrade Offer Sales: 898

Totals: 1128 transactions, out of 70,000 emails sent, a conversion rate of 1.6%.

Not bad at all IMO, especially considering the fact that these were customers who still hadn’t upgraded to our new versions 8 months after the release.

User Feedback

We have received a couple more complaints about TrialPay, mainly from users living in countries where TrialPay has few (or no) advertisers.

Here’s one from a user in Malaysia:

I want to log my disappointment with your Book Collector6 / TrialPay drive.

Given the only offer available to chose from – in order to get Book Collector 6 Pro for “free” – is to *purchase* 50 dollars worth of Australian Jade, the email from Alwin is dishonest at best, fraudulent at worst.

I’m gob smacked you would chose to alienate existing, paying customers in this manner.

Nice … 🙂 But when I responded that I took personal offense at him accusing me of being dishonest and fraudulent (and gave him a free upgrade at the same time), he replied:

I agree and very much regret insinuating you acted dishonestly – my anger was really directed at TrialPay. Sending emails when upset is never a good idea and if I had just given it a few minutes, I’m sure I would have put my point across in a much more appropriate manner.

All is well that ends well 🙂

Anyway, given the high amount of TrialPay transactions, I am not worried about a handful of complaints.

2 thoughts on “Software upgrades through TrialPay – the results

  1. I’m curious as to how this compares to your success rate without the TrialPay offer, meaning what if you had just offered a $10 coupon to everyone who hadn’t yet upgraded?

    • We had already done a regular $10 off offer, about six months ago. Worked very well too, that’s why I was surprised I could still squeeze some upgrades out of the same group another time.

      I think the “Upgrade for Free” offer helped to get their attention, it helped to get more regular upgrades too. In about the same way that offering a Get it Free by TrialPay option on your landing page helps to get more regular sales.

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