Don’t let them get away with not upgrading

Music Collector logoThree months ago, we released a major (paid) upgrade for our Music Collector software, version 9. Since then, about 15% of our existing customers have upgraded. Not bad at all.
But it also means that there’s still a lot of people who did not upgrade (yet!). And of course I am not going to let em get away with that.

So after yesterday’s version 9.1 update, I sent out the following email to all owners of a v8 license (or older):

Hi John,

Three months ago, we launched Music Collector version 9.
Since then, we kept hearing two complaints from users buying or trying it:

* Why do I have to add my music files one album at at time ?
* Why doesn’t it support .M4A files?

These people were right of course. So we got to work.

First, we completely redesigned the Add Music Files screen.
It took a few iterations (Ronald programming, Mark and I demanding changes), but the end result is pretty cool 🙂

It now scans your hard-disk and automatically groups the found music files into albums. The new screen lets you tweak the grouping with a simple drag and drop system (e.g. to combine two albums into one multi-disc album).
And here’s the best part, you can then select multiple (or all!) albums and add them to your database in one go.

You can find a screen shot of the new screen here (first screen on the page):

When that was done, Ronald started implementing support for .M4A files.
Not an easy task, because Apple is not exactly “open” about its formats.
But he persisted and Music Collector is now able to read and write M4A tags.
So iTunes users can now finally catalog their M4A files too.

Time to upgrade?

Checking our files, I found that you are still using Music Collector 8.
So I was hoping that the above changes would help your decision to upgrade.

Please do me a favor, and take a look at the full list of What’s New in v9:

Then, if you’re ready to upgrade, just click here to go Vee Nine (for $24.95):[LICENSEKEY]

Once you have upgraded to v9, you will get ALL future 9.x upgrades FREE.
And we’ve got a lot of cool stuff planned for this year.

I hope to welcome you to the happy “Vee Nine” crowd today,


Are you doing paid upgrades? Then make sure you keep reminding your old version customers of the new version. And keep telling them about all the cool stuff you are adding to the new version (and to that new version only).

In any case, don’t let them get away with not upgrading.

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