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Music Collector logoIt’s been over a month since I emailed all Music Collector 8.x users about our “Vee Nine” upgrade. So time to try and pull in some more upgrade sales. This time I am doing an “Upgrade week”, during which we have a reduced upgrade fee for the rest of the week (valid through Sunday May 9). We have done upgrade weeks before and the urgency of the nearby end-date really helps to generate a lot of upgrades.

Here’s the email I sent out today, to all pre-v9 customers:

Upgrade your Music Collector for just $14.95 (6 days left)

Upgrade Music Collector for $14.95 :
( offer ends Sunday May 16 )

Hi John,

This is Alwin, with a great (but very temporary) upgrade offer for you.
But first, some news about the Collectorz.com online music database…

In February, when we lost Amazon, we added two new data sources to our
online music database: Discogs and MusicBrainz. This resulted in more cover
images (front and back!) and improved success rates for CD-ID searches.

But because of the added sources, the search results in the Add Albums
Automatically screen had become a bit messy.
This was particularly noticable for CD-ID and barcode searches. These had lost
the laser-targeted effectiveness of single exact matches. Not good.

So 4 weeks ago, we decided to fix all this once and for all.
Robbert and Dinh got to work and rewrote most of our search engine.

Their changes (released 2 weeks ago):
– CD-ID and barcode searches now give you single, auto-checked matches.
– Improved success rate of CD-ID searches: it now recognizes 91% of your CD-IDs.
– Artist/Title searches now return much less and better targeted results.

But we were not satisfied yet.
So while Dinh got back to his iPad project, Robbert focussed on barcodes.
After the loss of Amazon the “hit rate” on barcode searches had dropped to
about 45%. Ouch… But Robbert now has it back up to 65%.
Not good enough, I agree, but a big step in the right direction.

Anyway, why am I telling you all this?

Well, I guess what I am trying to say is that Music Collector is not a
stand-alone piece of software on your PC or Mac. The world (read: internet)
around us is changing continuously. Amazon goes, other sources appear, some
devices go out of fashion (classic iPods), new devices appear (iPhone, Android,
Blackberry, iPad), web-based software solutions are getting more popular…

And the 12-man Collectorz.com team here at the office is constantly updating
Music Collector, our mobile apps and our server-side software to keep you
connected (pun intended) to this ever-changing software landscape.

This year alone we will bring you: mobile apps for iPad, Blackberry & Android,
plus we will finally release the music edition of Collectorz.com Connect.

But you do need the latest version of Music Collector to enjoy our efforts.
And our customer files show that *you* don’t own that version yet.

Because I would hate to see you left behind, I have created a temporary
upgrade offer, valid through Sunday May 16 (that’s just 6 days from now):

* Upgrade your Music Collector for only $14.95 (regular upgrade fee is $24.95)


Need a reminder of what’s new? Go here for full info and screens:
v9.1 Windows : http://collectorz.com/music/upgrade.php?key=123456789012
v3.4 Mac OS X: http://collectorz.com/music/upgrademac.php?key=123456789012

And remember, once you have upgraded you get to download all of this year’s
minor updates free of charge.

This offer ends in six days, so don’t miss out.


On Saturday, I will sent them a nice “two days left” reminder. Usually, that results in a huge peak in sales, bigger than the first day peak.

Don’t be afraid to keep reminding your “old version” crowd of your cool new version. Eventually they *will* upgrade 🙂 You have spent too much time and money creating all those new features to just let people get away with not upgrading.

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