CLZ Movies HD for iPad

We’re on a roll here. Another new platform : the iPad.
Our first iPad app is now available in Apple’s App Store (after being in their review queue for about a week). Like our CLZ Movies edition for iPhone and Android, it’s a viewer app for movie collections created with Movie Collector for Windows or Mac OS X. Users can export their existing database to the iPad app and then browse their list in several cool looking views, including an “home-built” cover flow view.

I was amazed by the number of sales for the first day (we emailed all member of our “iPad Club” plus all existing Movie Collector users). First day iPad sales were more than twice as high as the first day sales for Android. I will report later with data on how the iPad sales compare to those of the Android and iPhone apps when the initial sales peak is over.

Here’s a video of the CLZ Movies HD app in action:

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