Reducing costs with Adwords Ad Scheduling

I am still having a love/hate relationship with the Adwords Display Network. It’s a great place to find extra traffic, especially from people who were not actually looking for a product like you’re offering. But that also means the quality of the traffic is lower.
And advertising on the Display Network doesn’t come cheap. For my target sites, a minimum bid of 20 to 30 cents is required to get impressions and even then you only get shown on the lower quality sites.

However, I don’t want to completely stop advertising on the Display Network. It is still too useful in creating awareness of my products in the right audience. (some marketing dudes call that “branding”, but I hate that word…)

So I am trying something different now: Adwords Ad Scheduling.

I am using Ad Scheduling to only show my ads on Friday, Saturday and Sunday.
(at, we sell software for home users, so the weekend days are our best days of the week, with the highest conversion rates)
This lets me reduce costs, without lowering bids. I actually increased my bids somewhat, to make sure I get impressions.

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