Coming soon, my new product: Manula

I have been working on the products since 1996, first part-time, then since 2000 full-time.

The company is doing great and we still have lots of ideas for improvements of the current products and are even planning new products for the software portfolio.

However, it’s time for a new challenge.
Something else to work on, next to

So in the past 4 months, one of my web developers and I have been working on
a new product, for a new audience. And it’s called: Manula.

What is Manula ?

Manula is a web-application for creating, hosting and tracking online manuals.

  • Write and format manuals using simple textile code. Easily manage multiple manuals for different product versions and in different languages. Share topics between manuals and versions, using variables to customize their content.
  • Host your manual data and public manuals on Manula servers. Instantly publish your changes to the live manual or save them as a draft. Online manuals have a responsive design, meaning they look great on any device or screen size.
  • Keep track of the usage and quality of your manuals. Moderate topic comments, track topic hits, search keywords and user ratings (thumbs up/down). Use statistics and user feedback to instantly tweak and tune your topics.

More information on the Manula website.
ETA? I am planning to release Manula before the end of the year, probably late October / early November.

I am very excited to work on a new product. It’s a great feeling to design a new piece of software from scratch and to tweak its’ user interface to perfection.
I also can’t wait to do the marketing for it. SEO, Adwords, optimizing trial conversions, tweak trial-to-subscription rates, etc… Lots of fun ahead!

Keep an eye on this blog for updates on my progress with Manula.

4 thoughts on “Coming soon, my new product: Manula

    • @vsl, Manula manuals are online and can be viewed on any device with a standard web-browsers. We will make sure the manuals will look perfect on any device and operating system.
      However, we have no plans to export to native help files for Windows or Mac OS X (e.g. CHM files). The idea of Manula is to capture the advantages of hosting and maintaining your manuals online.

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