How to sell more stuff to your existing customers

If you have been selling software for a while, you have probably built a considerable customer database. But to what extend are you taking advantage of that important asset?

How can you sell more stuff to your existing customers?

But before we move on to the HOW, let me first give you 3 reasons WHY you should sell more to your existing customers and some ideas on WHAT you could sell to them.

(this is a reworked and updated version of my presentation at the European Software Conference in London, November 2011)
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Upgrade week

Music Collector logoIt’s been over a month since I emailed all Music Collector 8.x users about our “Vee Nine” upgrade. So time to try and pull in some more upgrade sales. This time I am doing an “Upgrade week”, during which we have a reduced upgrade fee for the rest of the week (valid through Sunday May 9). We have done upgrade weeks before and the urgency of the nearby end-date really helps to generate a lot of upgrades. Continue reading