Pending Review or Under Review?

Today, I created two new ads in one of my ad groups, to start a new test of two different messages.

For some reason, both got flagged for manual approval, but now look at the Status of both ads:


Of course, I clicked the little question mark thingies for help.
Here’s the description of both Status values:

Pending review
We haven’t yet verified that your ad follows all of our advertising policies. Your ad is eligible to run on Google search pages but your ad won’t run on our search partners or on content network placements until we review and approve it.

Under review
When your ad is “Under review,” it’s not running anywhere. Additional investigation is required before we’re able to approve or disapprove this ad.

Ah, that clears it up then….

3 thoughts on “Pending Review or Under Review?

  1. I have also see this – using the word “Download” seems to be the culprit as I tried a similar ad simply replacing “Download” with “Get” and it was approved quickly.

    Presumably someone has to visit your site to ensure that there really is something to download. Still not approved 24 hours later.

  2. It looks like Adwords is banning the word “download” completely now. Can’t get any new ads approved if it has the word “download” in it. I waited for a week for some of them now.

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