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At, we’re experimenting with the use of video, for both promotional and instructional purposes. Our in-house video guy AJ has already created cool promo-vids for our 3 main products. For instance, check out the Movie Collector vids.

For yesterday’s newsletter, we decided to try something different: a “meet the team” video, showing a tour of the office and introducing all members of the team. Here it is:

Meet the team

The player will show in this paragraph

Our newsletter subscribers loved the video. Some feedback we found in our inbox this morning:

User feedback

Congratulations on the video

Hi guys (and girls),

I just wanted to say thank you and congratulations for the video.
Really cool! Nice to meet you (virtually, at least).

I am really happy to have bought from you. Really excellent service and products.

Keep up the good work

great to put a face to the names

I really enjoyed the video of all the Collectorz family. It is great
to put a face to the names. Alwin’s alway mentioning everyone in his
emails. The shots of your town were beautiful, it looks like a great
place to live. Keep up the good work and thanks for the video.


What a fantastic movie!!

You have always had a superior product but your little meet the people video—–BLEW ME AWAY!!!

thanks for thinking of us. The pictures of Amsterdam where great.
excellent work guys and girls!!

loved seeing everyone

Greetings from the Southern Hemisphere

I just received your newsletter with the link to the video of your
office. I really REALLY loved seeing everyone and knowing the faces of
the people who each have something to do with the fantastic prodect
you have developed.

Great job everyone!

more fun than I ever had

Thanks for the video, it help me better appriciate what a great little company you are. I’ve always envisioned a small, friendly “works well with others” type of organization, in a very cool office enviroment. I was right!

I worked in IT for 32 years, I programmed the IBM 1401, 360, 40xx series, Dec PDP-11 and VAX, and toward the end of my career managed networks and programmed PC’s. I had fun but I think you’re having way more fun than I ever had.

I wish you the best for continued success.

Dear Collectorz Team,
Loved the video! It is nice to have faces to go with the names and a view of what your office looks like.
Well done, friends!

Great video of your office & co-workers. It’s nice to see where you all work. Kudos to AJ for putting that together.

Thanks VERY much Alwin! I enjoyed meeting the team and the brief tour of Amsterdam.
(Very Satisfied Customer)

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