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Over the years, since 1996, we have been using quite a few different payment processors. I started out on Compuserve, quickly followed by: SWREG, Digibuy, RegNow, Plimus, eSellerate, PayPal and RBS WorldPay. PayPal has been a constant for many years, as we have always offered it as an extra payment method, through our own PayPal account.

In May 2006, we started using RBS WorldPay (called “Bibit” at the time) for our online sales. That’s more than 4 years using the same payment processor, a record for us 🙂 So… it’s about time we changed again.

Not that we have any problems with RBS. Expect for maybe their customer support, that kinda sucks. But we rarely need it. Their payment system is very reliable and problem-free.

But then why change? Well, as you know, I am always looking for ways to improve sales, conversion rates and ultimately, my profits. If a new payment processor can help with that, I’m all for it. I am confident that GlobalCollect can do just that.

So next week, we will switch all our sales to GlobalCollect, even our PayPal sales.

The main reasons for switching to GlobalCollect:

  • More local payments, especially for Europe. I am hoping to increase european conversion rates by being able to offer local bank transfers and country-specific direct banking options in most european countries.
  • Recurring payments. GlobalCollect provides a good system for handing recurring payments, via credit cards, Paypal and direct debit. Important for our online subscription services.
  • Better rates. RBS rates were already low compared to the big software e-commerce systems (most of em owned by DR now). But I have been able to negotiate even better rates at GlobalCollect.
  • More customization options. Payment pages can be styled using CSS and you can add your custom page headers and footers. I know, this is rather standard with most e-commerce providers, but RBS doesn’t have any of that.
  • Continuous improvements. GlobalCollect seems to be more focussed on continuously improving their system, adding new features and payment products. As opposed to RBS, which has been the same for many years, there does not seem to be any development.
  • Better Customer Support: Even during the weekends.
  • Located in Hoofddorp, the Netherlands.. GlobalCollect is a big world wide player in payment processing, but their headquarters are located in the Netherlands, just 20 minutes from our office. They speak Dutch and they are in the same time zone as we are. Not crucial, but it helps.

In the past week, I have been implementing the integration with GlobalCollect. Yes, had to do it myself 🙂 We have so many projects going on that none of my programmers had the time to do it. Oh well, I like doing some programming once in a while. Especially if it is directly related to improving conversion rates.

On Monday, I will be hitting the big switch.

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  1. Congratulations on finding a solution that fits well for you. Out of curiosity, what did you think when you compared FastSpring to all the other services?

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