Google video results : FAIL

We have been at the top of the Google search results for most relevant keywords for a long time. For some keywords, like “dvd database”, we were even listed at the #1 position. Until this week….

For some reason, Google now sees the product pages as video pages. Which means they are listed at the bottom of the first page, under “Videos for …”.

For example, when you search for “dvd database” on, you’ll find this at the bottom:

And our regular organic listing, previously in position 1 is gone:

I have just removed the cool demo videos from all my product pages, hoping that our pages will soon return in their normal position in the regular search results.

Hey thanks, Google. Great work…

2 thoughts on “Google video results : FAIL

  1. Amazing, Google already spidered my pages last night (the cache date shows Dec 23, 1:53 AM). Today, the video results are gone and my regular listings are back.

    Phew….I am happy that removing the videos from the product pages fixed the problem this quickly. Still sad that I had to take this action. Will have to place the video on my Features pages then…

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