Clz Movies app for iPhone approved by Apple

Yes! Our first iPhone app has been approved by Apple!


The approval took 11 days, not bad.
We submitted it on April 29, got the first feedback on May 3 (a request for a copy of Movie Collector) and it got approved yesterday, on May 10.
Strangely enough, both responses were on a Sunday 🙂

Maybe if we provide a test copy of our Windows apps immediately when submitting, we can get our other apps approved within a week.

Now let’s see if we can sell some of these apps. Will let you know how it works out.

One thought on “Clz Movies app for iPhone approved by Apple

  1. Hi!

    I searched for DVD Collection applications on the iPhone and found yours. It looked the best of the bunch so visited your website and purchased Movie Collector 6.2 Pro and then the Clz Movies application.

    I love it! The main Movie Collector software is exactly what I was looking for, and I have now catalogues my DVD collection and am hoping to know update the information for each and submit it to help your movie database.

    The iPhone application is perfect also, providing a handy tool when I am out to reference my collection. Well done on a fantastic application and I look forward to see where you take it from here.

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