New website design still not winning over old one

Here’s the results after another week of testing
(results of new design compared to the old design):

  • Downloads: down 4.22%
  • Sign ups: up 1.50%
  • Sales: down 19,11%
  • Profits: down 11,52%
  • Average First Purchase Value: up 10%

Something’s not right in the new design, but it’s hard to determine what it is.
Yes, I know, that is because we changed too many things at once.

My guess is the problem is in the different set of buying options that is offered in design B (we lost the TrialPay option, the delivery on CD option for the PRO edition, the “Customize Your Order” button, etc…).

So to have a test between the two designs that is more fair, I have re-introduced these buying options in design B. Oh, and I also brought back the cool looking Vista Media Center screenshots for Movie Collector, somehow these had gotten lost too. Ouch…

This is the challenger for the upcoming seven days. Will this one finally beat my control?


One thought on “New website design still not winning over old one

  1. Hi Alwin,

    I see you are struggling with a new web appearance and app problems. I have some suggestions that may help. I would like to see you and your gang live forever and be successful with this Collectorz software. So I am not being critical of what you have done or what you may do in the future.

    Ok, here are some suggestions.

    Color of a web design is important for marketing purposes. Stay away from Yellow, and bright Reds. They are demanding colors that turn people off. Greens are yuccky and are hard to implement the right shades to do the job. Your blues are fine and we have used them in our web pages. We have now completed our web site using Collectorz, Sitesearch Indexer, and ListPro. Remember this; books are read in black and white. Comics are in color as well as videos, cds, etc.

    Working with a web site has been a problem for us also concerning good marketable colors. We still feel like our page looks a little sleepy but are working on it.

    I would like to point out other issues later with you if you don’t mind. Things that could enhance the software and allow you to charge more for it. This is so good the way it is and does a great job and there are no limits as to what can be done with this program.

    Buying software is like going out to dinner. If the food is good and the service is good why not pay more for a good time! Collectorz is the one of the best software packages we have bought in the last 27 years and we mean that.

    I hope you can take a look at our web site and give us some feedback as well.

    Thanks for your time,,,,

    Sandy Perdue

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