acquires long-time competitor CD Trustee

For immediate release:, a company specialized in multi-platform cataloging software for music, movies, books, comic books and video games, has acquired long-time competitor CD Trustee, a CD cataloging program created by Mike Paulick.

The purchase includes all rights to the CD Trustee software, the domain (former home of CD Trustee) and the CD Trustee customer database. With this acquisition, is strengthening its position in the CD cataloging market.

“It’s great to see that CD Trustee users are so loyal to their trusted CD cataloging tool, and to its author Mike Paulick”, said Alwin Hoogerdijk, founder and owner of “We will do everything in our power to help these users convert their CD database, often representing years of work, to our Music Collector program. I am confident that they will feel right at home with their new software and the new mobile and online possibilities that are opened up for them now.”

“Music Collector really is the future. It is a much more powerful program than CD Trustee.”, said Mike Paulick, author of CD Trustee. “I feel good recommending such a well-supported product, and providing my customers a way to preserve their music data.”

About is a software company based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands and founded in 2000. It specializes in collection database software, tools used by home-users to catalog their personal collection of CDs, DVDs, books, comic books and video games. The first release of Music Collector, the CD database program, was in 1996, at the time called “Keep it Compact” and programmed in his spare time by founder Alwin Hoogerdijk.
Currently, sells 30 products, on 5 platforms: Windows, Mac OS X, iPhone, iPad and Android. On top of that, the company provides online subscription based editions under the Connect brand.

About CD Trustee

The first version of CD Trustee was first released in 2001, by Mike Paulick of Sane Soft, LLC, based in Denver, Colorado, USA. Even though there has not been an update to the software since 2005, Mike has been fully supporting CD Trustee up till now. The program still has thousands of active users, most of them having spent a lot of time with the program, cataloging their multi-thousand CD collections.
Mike Paulick is retiring from the software business to be able to spend more time pursuing his many outdoor sports, including downhill skiing, whitewater kayaking, on and off-road motorcycling, camping, hunting and fishing.

Data transfer and Music Collector half price offer programmers have been working together with Mike Paulick, programmer of CD Trustee, to create an easy way for CD Trustee users to transfer their CD database to Music Collector, including all CD cover images. The data transfer is done by exporting to a “Music Collector CSV” file from a special final CD Trustee build, then importing into the latest version of Music Collector.
To facilitate the move to Music Collector, has extended a special offer *only* for CD Trustee users: everyone who owns a CD Trustee license will be able to buy the Pro edition of Music Collector half price (for $24.95 instead of $49.95).

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  1. Why? Do you believe that CD/DVD catalog software has a bright future? Won’t iTunes eat it all up in the mid long run?

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