Looking for a Mac OS X developer

Mac DeveloperAt Collectorz.com, we’re working on a new Mac edition of our Comic Collector software, and on major upgrades of the existing Mac editions of Movie, Book and Music Collector.

There are all huge projects and we need more help. So we are currently looking for an extra Mac OS X developer.
Are you experienced in Mac OS X programming, OR a smart programmer interested in Mac development? Then read on…

About Collectorz.com

Collectorz.com® is a series of collection database programs for cataloging user’s home collection of music, movies, books, comics and video games. The key feature of the programs is the automatic downloading of media information (data and cover art) from our own online media databases.
Collectorz.com software is available in 3 flavours: Windows, Mac OS X and online/web-based. Next to that, we offer mobile companion apps for iPhone, iPad and Android.
Collectorz.com currently has 14 employees and we’re located in Amsterdam (WG Plein 384).

The job

You will join the “all-things-Apple” development team, to work on the Mac OS X editions of the Collectorz.com software. The goal is to finally bring our current Mac editions of Movie, Book and Music Collector to the same level as their Windows counterparts, in terms of features, usability and stability. Next to that, you will work on the new Mac edition of Comic Collector.

You will work together with the other Collectorz.com programmers, to keep the Mac editions in line with the Windows editions, and to connect them with the CLZ iPhone apps, iPad apps, Android apps and the online “Connect” editions.


  • University level, technical education
  • Experience and affinity with Object Oriented programming
  • Experience with Mac OS X programming (Objective C, Cocoa, etc…) is a pre, but not a requirement. (Smart OO programmers should be able to learn any programming language or API in no time).
  • Affinity with Apple products and operating systems. Apple fan-boys preferred.
  • Affinity with music, movies, books, comics and/or video games. Collector-geeks preferred.
  • Living in or close to Amsterdam.
  • No suits allowed.


Send your cover letter and CV to jobz at collectorz dot com.

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